Tim Gentry: Washington, D.C. — Based Global Contributor in Technology

Tim Gentry is a driven leader, global contributor, and a professional in the technology sector. His passion for all things artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and augmented reality drives him to be a lifelong student. He sees lifelong learning as a way to expand his horizons while making a worldwide impact.

Tim is experienced in value chain disruption and protection measurements. He truly understands the power of leveraging market forces for the purpose of extracting and defending value. At the beginning of his career Tim founded VGE, a management consulting practice focused on enhancing productivity and establishing best practices for clients. During his time here he served as a Senior Managing Partner and was responsible for leading business process re-engineering, system implementations, and security infrastructures. From here Tim Gentry decided to move onto Adelphia Business Solutions. He took charge of providing key direction insights and management solutions for the business design.

Looking for a new challenge, Gentry took on a position at Avaya Asia South Pacific, based in Sydney, Australia. The company focuses on providing transformative digital communications software, services, and devices for businesses. He began as the SVP of Global Government Sales and Field operations, in this role Tim continued to grow as a technology leader and professional. In 2012, he took on the role of Managing Director of Asia South Pacific at Avaya. Tim Gentry’s strategic leadership efforts in this role helped deliver high-performance networks, new multi-channel communication solutions, and overall services to the South East Asia market. Currently, Tim is an Adjunct Faculty member at Georgetown University and he advises companies on business growth strategies.

Tim believes that education and learning plays a key role in his growth as a leader and a professional. He received his undergraduate degree in Business Administration and Information Technology from Salisbury University. To further his education Tim earned his MBA from American University: Kogod School of business. He is now a Doctoral Student at Temple University’s Fox School of Business.

As a global contributor and leader, he believes in constantly challenging himself to better understand the world as a whole and specifically his industry. He knows that technology is constantly changing and that he has to keep up with this change. Just like learning, leadership is an ongoing process as well. For Tim Gentry, leadership is a skill that has to be worked on all the time. Some are born to be leaders, but everyone can learn to be a leader. Tim believes that a good leader makes mistakes and learns from them. A part of this is helping others grow from personal experience and life lessons. He is always looking for ways to mentor and help others achieve their full potential.

You can find Tim Gentry on Twitter and LinkedIn.




Tim Gentry is many things — a Global Contributor, a #Leader, and a Lifelong #Student. Learn more at http://timgentry.com/

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Tim Gentry

Tim Gentry

Tim Gentry is many things — a Global Contributor, a #Leader, and a Lifelong #Student. Learn more at http://timgentry.com/

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